Fundación BGI para la infancia

BGI Foundation for children

The Balms Foundation for Children is a non-profit organisation that develops activities supporting the protection of children’s rights. A social commitment from our company: we put all our efforts and resources into projects for the children who are most marginalised and at the greatest risk.

The Balms Foundation for Children is a non profit organization dedicated to provide financial aid and assistance to children in Peru and Colombia. Our high-priority objective is to promote the development of activities for the protection of children’s rights, in terms of the «Convention on the Rights of the Child» signed by the United Nations at the Hague in 1993, and especially the right of: «growing up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, affection, security and child-specific bases, love and understanding, for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality» (Convention of the Boy’s Rights, UN, November 20 1989).

Our second high-priority is to realize activities related with the principles and objectives specified in the Law 23/1998 on International Co-operation for Development, dated 7 July (B.O.E. 08.07.1998).

With these objectives the following activities are carried out:

  • International cooperation with Colombia, Peru and Democratic Republic of Congo. Countries in which we develop different projects in connection with marginalized children and those on a situation of special risk. A team formed by an Economist as a Project Technician and lawyer in charge of the accounting, as well as, voluntary people help us in the different events carried out along the year.
  • Awareness and education about issues related with the protection of the childhood and the defense of their rights, publishing a magazine and organizing events for the dissemination of our objectives and activities.